August 6

It’s been 65 years now.

Hiroshima Day always sneaks up on me, so I have little of my own prepared, but here are the words and works of others.

This Is How It Feels to Be Under Nuclear Attack. (For a somewhat lengthy but interesting and sobering video, click on the link to the right of this page, “The Explosions of Every Nuclear Bomb.”)

“After a while, a whirlpool of fire approached us from the south. It was like a big tornado of fire spreading over the full width of the street….” — Akiko Takakura

“I could not sit beside the windows because I had seen so many people badly wounded by pieces of glass. So I always sat with the wall behind me for about 10 years.” — Akira Onogi

Bad as Hiroshima was, a nuclear war now would be much, much worse. “Castle Bravo was about 1,200 times more powerful than each of the atomic bombs which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.” — Wikipedia

8:15, 8/6/1945

As for myself, whenever I see clock hands at 8:15, I remember Hiroshima.


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