The Conversation

What I say here is intended to be talked about. So do that.

I ask, however, that there be no name-calling and no ad hominems thrown around. And I also remind everyone that an opinion ought to be the result of thought, not a substitute for it. I have great respect for people who disagree with me due to different premises, different experiences, and different beliefs; I have somewhat less respect for people who try to shut people up because they are saying something different.

In general, be civil. (Note that this is not the same as being nice.)

With that said, talk up a storm.


1 thought on “The Conversation

  1. I just finished reading the PHP “What We Stand On” and then found your blog. I’m grateful that you’re “publishing” the message you have been given.

    My first experience with Quakers was at Eastside. That was around 1967, when my son was about 3. Then we moved and I have been in and out of Quakerism, though have continuously thought of myself as a Quaker. Now I live in Oklahoma City and am active in the OKC Friends Meeting.

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