Hear the Word

I would see justice done.

I would see the long labor of the poor rewarded at last, rewarded as it has never been even acknowledged in full. I would see the return of investment and the fruits of harvest benefit all who sweated for them, not merely those with their names on sheets of paper.

I would see children fed. I would see the sick tended. I would see the prisoners and the impoverished remembered as human. I would have it so that no one has to stand on the sidewalk and beg for scraps. I would see us remember that all who live on this earth are our kin, our family, no matter the color of their skin, the language of their tongue, the riches in their pockets, or the faith of their heart. I would see justice done as it has never been done, not since some few thought to exalt themselves at the expense of the many.

I am done with this misery. I am done with this suffering. I am done with laws and codes and customs that claim it is fitting that the poor live in pain. I am done with “deserving.” I am done with “They are lazy.” I am done with “Don’t coddle them.” Do you hear me? I love all, and deserving’s got nothing to do with it. In this I follow my god, the One, and the words that the Holy One gives to me.

You will say, “You are stirring up trouble!” And I reply, the trouble has been with us many long years. I am not creating it, I am naming it, nor am I the first to do so. You will say, “You are inciting riot!” And I will say, do we charge one who cries, “Stop, thief!” with disturbing the peace? Do we accuse the one who yells “Murder!” of slander? (I almost said, do we accuse the women who charge “Rape!” of libel, but then I recalled that we do. There is a reason we teach our daughters to yell “Fire,” instead of “Help,” as it will attract more attention.) You will say, “You are preaching class war!” And I will say, did Roosevelt preach war on December 8th? It is not warmongering when the war is already thousands of years old. I am not preaching war, I am preaching self-defense. It only sounds like warmongering because so far the fighting has been so one-sided.

You will ask, “Where is the compassion you praise so highly?” And I will say, a fair point. Yet consider my position. I am like the older brother watching his sister being abused by our relations. I must stop the abuse. I cannot kill the abusers; they are also my kin. I can’t hate them, even. Yet they must be stopped. They are harming her and they are harming themselves. So I must wrap the abusers in my arms, hold them in the generous grasp, restrain them until they restrain themselves. And these words I am writing are my arms. So I cannot call the abuse by some sweet or mild name, to soothe the minds of the abusers and let them pretend that what they’ve done is not so bad. Yet I said I cannot hate, and I will not.

So while I will rail against the rich, and all the laws, beliefs, and people who support them, I cannot wish them destitute. While I will criticize to the day I die those Christians who are so caught up in their war against gay rights and their war against abortion and their war against evolution that they cannot see the war they are waging against the poor, I can’t bear to see them on the streets. My whole point is that I don’t wish that fate on my worst enemies. I would see my foes set right, not destroyed — and if I prove wrong, in the end, I will beg to be set right myself.

But I cannot hold back the word within me. It rises like magma underneath the mountains, it rises like the gathering storm, it rises like the wave that breaks the beach, tsunami unleashed. If I kept silent the words would burn through me and leave me as ash.

So I am done with silence… and hear, then, the word of the One.

“You gods of wealth and profit, I shall tear you down!

“Princes of Coin, Masters of Wealth, schemers and hoarders and legalized thieves, I am coming. I am coming in my power. I will set the will of the One against your ledgers and files. I will set the Almighty Wind against your chains of debt. Your accounting has been weighed in the balance and found morally bankrupt. I shall bring justice, and I shall bring it with interest. But I have not yet come. You have a little time to make your atonement, to care for others instead of robbing them. But I am coming.

“The world is mine by right of making, mine to shape however I please. This is how I shall shape it: all debts will be paid, all poverty erased, all theft restored and all justice established. I am the Immanent Stone, the Rock of Ages, and the world shall be re-founded upon me. This is how I shall found it: in compassion, in dignity, in respect. I am the Almighty, I Am What Is, and the world is mine to rule as I so will. This is how I shall rule it: in mercy and in love.

“I shall make this world anew, and it shall rest on riches no more. In place of profit I shall set justice, and in place of wealth I shall set compassion. My rule is the rule of righteousness and love: every hunger shall be satisfied, every thirst be slaked, every addict be set free. I shall hold blessings in the palms of my hands, and let the wind catch and scatter them over all the earth. I shall set blessings on my lips, and with every word and every breath I shall bless you all. For I am the Generous One, the Open-Handed, the Giver of Gifts. I am the Compassionate, the Most Merciful, I am the One Who Loves.”

So says the One.

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