The Filter

It is my intent that no post, beyond short news posts on the mundane workings of the site, be published here until people I trust have looked at it first.

Quakers have a seasoning process, where things are let to sit between meetings for people to think about. Quakers also test their leadings, by checking in with each other and with themselves, to be certain if what they feel they ought to do is really a good idea.

I can’t apply such rigorous Quaker process to what I say here, although for major work I may try to. However, I can make sure that at least my words are seen by other eyes before they go out to the world. Thus the Filter.

So I may not be immediate — potentially blasphemous in the internet age. Nor will I be commenting on the events of the day; I need time to think, and to write, and to have others read what I have written. But this, I feel, is the bare minimum of process; I ought not merely post off the top of my head. I think, on the whole, this will improve the general quality of what I say here.


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