The Reluctant Blogger

Yet another blog? Sickening.

I dug in my heels on this for a long, long time. I had been taught that if you become a blogger, then everything you do becomes a blog entry… no novels, no great discourses, no poetry.

And yet I am still compelled to speak, and I needed a place to do that. Time was I would have gone down to the market square, stood on a box, and harangued the passersby. Now, it seems, the internet has become our modern agora, and to properly harangue, I have to blog. The internet does have its disadvantages; it requires electricity, and it’s harder to look the speaker in the eye. But on the other hand, the agora of Athens couldn’t bring together people from all the world, so there’s that.

Also, five important people asking me “Have you considered blogging?” in the space of a month had its impact.

So here I am. I shall still attempt to write novels and (when the madness strikes me) poetry.

One filter, however: I intend to have these posts read and edited by my friends ahead of time. This slows down the process, which is exactly my intent. A good Quaker boy does nothing of this importance hastily and on his own. So my posts will be slow to appear, but I hope by that seasoning process they will be much improved.