Options, Part Two

One of my more common failings, friends, is getting something started and then forgetting to finish it. And such was the case with this. My apologies for the delay in posting part two of this essay. Part One can be found here—or, if you’re looking at this on the main screen, just scroll down.

Now to the communal options! I’ll list these in ascending order of audacity. Continue reading

The Weekly Query 4/16/2012

In honor of the day:

Is it right to pay taxes? Is it worth paying them?
What is your tax money used for? Do you know? If you don’t, what do you imagine it’s used for?
Would you rather pay higher taxes than you do now and get better government services, or pay no taxes at all but have no government services?

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…

Friends, I’ve been a bit inactive over the weekend, but I’m thinking the next week or two could be quite interesting.

I have two major posts lurking. One’s pretty bold, so I’m giving it another few days to simmer. The other still only exists in fragments and outlines, but I’m working on it: a response to the violence of Thanksgiving Day weekend here in the Seattle area. It will probably take the form of a serial — it’s a four-part piece, and I think I’ll post each part in sequence.

Stay tuned!