A Change in the Wind

So the blog looks a little different today. That’s because after a hiatus of several months, I’m taking the Generous Grasp in a new direction. Not in terms of content, but in terms of presentation and frequency.

I will now be updating at least three times a week. There will be two essays posted weekly, between Tuesday and Friday, and I’m reviving the Weekly Query for Mondays. On occasion I’ll also be including a “Pick of the Week,” with an exceptional item I’ve read lately. The Picks of the Week have to reach a certain standard, however, so they may be few and far between.

Keeping up this schedule could be a little intense on my end, but I’ve been stockpiling essays for some time now, and I’ve got queries enough to last a year. So I’m rather looking forward to this intention. The other element is that I will be publicizing this blog (slightly) more widely, so more people may be joining the conversation.

For those who’d like some reminders and for those just joining us, I’ll also do a few “flashback posts” to give people a taste of what the archives are like. I’ll keep these to a minimum. Still, people might be interested in what the heck “the generous grasp” is, for instance, and so I’ll fill in a few gaps.

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