The Weekly Query #7

The Weekly Query is a series of tough questions that I’ve run into or thought up. There are no right answers, and while you can give your thoughts or responses in the comments below, the queries are largely intended to provoke hard thinking, not answers. This practice is borrowed from the Quaker tradition, as I explain every week… Be forewarned that as these are on difficult subjects, you and others may encounter painful topics. Be aware of this for your own sake and the sake of others. The terms “you,” “we,” “yours,” and “our” may be used indiscriminately throughout. Interpret them as you choose.

Which of your activities is the highest? Meaning, what do you do frequently that is most important, most uplifting, kindest, most generous, or most admirable?
Which of your activities is the lowest?


1 thought on “The Weekly Query #7

  1. Ooo, good one.
    The word “frequently” is a stumbling block for thinking about “the highest activities” for me, especially at this time of year – it’s that seasonal darkness stuff – but I think I could list looking around and taking some pretty decent photos (usually in close-up) of something in the natural world; quiltmaking, especially the design phase; working on a new song when one is given to me; enjoying real conversations with people, w/ emphasis on listening. Among my lowest activities I would have to list “enjoying” my imagined conversations – the ones where I tell people I am grumpy / angry / frustrated with exactly why I am grumpy / angry / frustrated, in detail. Over and over. Really a low activity. Thank you for a new way of sorting my use of time and energy.

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