The Weekly Query #5

The Weekly Query is a series of tough questions that I’ve run into or thought up. There are no right answers, and while you can give your thoughts or responses in the comments below, the queries are largely intended to provoke hard thinking, not answers. This practice is borrowed from the Quaker tradition, as I explained here. Be forewarned that as these are on difficult subjects, you and others may encounter painful topics. Be aware of this for your own sake and the sake of others. The terms “you,” “we,” “yours,” and “our” may be used indiscriminately throughout. Interpret them as you choose.


What has been good news lately? What is hopeful?
What has made you laugh in the past 24 hours?

1 thought on “The Weekly Query #5

  1. It’s easy to let a blue mood blind us to what is constantly happening around us that is good.

    Good news? How about a very promising potential cure to AIDS? (That is, a possible drug that may kill several strains of the HIV virus.)

    Delightful weather many places in the world (if you are feeling depressed, it’s possible you aren’t in one of these areas, however the good weather is going on somewhere).

    Depending on your perspective, there really is plenty of good news out there.

    As far as laughs go, I laughed quite a bit over the weekend: but then I have funny friends. 🙂

    Pop in a few comedy DVDs, and the world may improve even further. Half the battle with depression is reminding yourself that it’s a mood, not a reality.

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