The Weekly Query #4

The Weekly Query is a series of tough questions that I’ve run into or thought up. There are no right answers, and while you can give your thoughts or responses in the comments below, the queries are largely intended to provoke hard thinking, not answers. This practice is borrowed from the Quaker tradition, as I explained here. Be forewarned that as these are on difficult subjects, you and others may encounter painful topics. Be aware of this for your own sake and the sake of others. The terms “you,” “we,” “yours,” and “our” may be used indiscriminately throughout. Interpret them as you choose.

How do you exercise your body?
How do you exercise your mind?
How do you exercise your heart or your soul?

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Query #4

  1. What jumps off the page (screen?) at me is the clear reference to Mark 12:30 (or the variants in the other Gospels; this happens to be the one I put hand to most often) “and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” And of course there is another Great Commandment which follows in the next verse. So the radical follow-up questions to the onese you have posed here are “WHY do you exercise your body/mind/heart/soul?” To what purpose? To whose benefit? I read some interesting advice recently — that one of the best ways to prepare for a disaster (fire, earthquake, flood, whatever) is to stay in (in my case, get into) good physical condition. Because that way you are more likely to be one of the people who can give help in the crisis and aftermath instead of one of the people who needs rescuing. That type of thinking — that exercising my body could be beneficial to my community — might actually get me into physical activity.
    Other tangential thoughts spin from the meanings of the word “exercise.” The original Latin — I just looked it up — meant something like “drive or send out from the enclosed place,” and had to do with sending the farm animals out to work. I wonder what ‘enclosed places’ these forms of exercise can lead us out from? So (as always!) there are some good questions behind your questions.

  2. Our strength and our weakness is that we experience the Universe from within ourselves. We halucinate reality (both visual and auditory inputs are actually imagined into a cohesive picture for us everytime we see or hear anything). The mind’s entire perspective comes inevitably from within. It shapes all that we experience.

    Is keeping myself fit doing society a favor? Economically, obviously it will. But I think the real point is that for me to do the good I want to do in this world, I have to interact with it.

    We interact more when we are in a reasonable state of fitness. Which, for Americans, usually means “hit it with furious and brainless application, hurt and sweat and make a lot of noise and you are exercising”.

    I think we’d all be a LOT better off if yoga or tai-chi were more popular than aerobics.

    But when we think of benefitting socieity, why is it a natural disaster always comes to mind? On a daily basis our involvement has a lot to do with our energy level. How much of your energy is spent on just getting through the day? Do you remember a time when you were more involved with the world around you? Would you say you were generally more fit at that time, or less fit?

    And keep in mind walking is still one of the exercise forms that doctors recommend THE MOST.

    Happy Winter Solstice Season. 🙂

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