Courtesy and Coincidence

A friend of mine has linked to the Generous Grasp on his blog, so it is only fair and right to do the same for him. He’s over at Nick’s Sanctuary, a blog regarding his faith.

Nick’s most recent post deals in part with coincidence — and like him, I do not entirely believe in coincidence.

Yesterday, after a moment of great irritation with Daylight Savings Time, I managed to drag myself to meeting. On my way up the path, a man driving past stopped the car, waved his arms, honked his horn, and generally got my attention.

He turned out to be a Muslim missionary. Not something I had encountered before. As I was in no hurry, I heard him out, and took his proffered copy of the Koran for our meeting library. Then he said something which made me realize I’d made the right choice:

“I saw you on the road,” he said, “and I thought, ‘God, do I have to stop? He’s just going to say no.’ And God said, ‘Yes, you have to stop, even still.'”

I know a message when I hear one.


1 thought on “Courtesy and Coincidence

  1. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. This is an incident to remember and reflect on, though. And a rare chance to find out that you have had a part in someone else’s conversation with God. Pretty fine.

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